Mustache Mania

11 years old

Patch Adams had his red clown nose but we have Ellie and her mustaches!! Sweet and silly Elizabeth “Ellie” loves mustaches. You would think this would be an unusual request from a darling 11 year old girl who has been in the hospital for a very long time. Well I think Ellie is the smart one. Have you ever tried to wear a stick on mustache and then tried to be serious or stern or even mad? Impossible, I tell you. I think Ellie has found a fun way for those in the hospital to interact and be silly with her while setting aside all the trials and tribulations she is going through and seeing the real 11 year old not her ailments. Brilliant, I say. 

We received her room request and it was for neon colors and mustaches. This was definitely a new one for me. After sweating out how the neon would look in the room I decided to dive right in. It was her request after all and we are here to honor that. It turns out that neon colors are super happy in a hospital room and silly mustaches just make things even happier. 

If anyone ever questions if pediatric medical care is a calling, I beg you to answer the question after seeing these amazing nurses and child life specialists and their mustaches. They truly go the distance for their patients. 

Miss Ellie, you were a treat to be with and an honor to decorate for. Your lovely mother and grandmother at your side was an added bonus. We wish you a life of silly mustaches and neon happiness. You brightened up our day that is for sure. Keep fighting, our silly, happy girl.