Our Mission


Once Upon a Room provides an invaluable service to children in the hospital while fighting serious, life threatening illnesses or acute trauma often resulting in permanent disabilities and months of medical treatment and extended outpatient care. Through different events and programs, we are able to bring joy to their hospital stay and beyond.

Patient and Family Events: Events are planned to allow patients and families to have a moment of fun leaving behind their diagnosis, struggle and fight. Once Upon a Room provides experiences for all to enjoy.

Room program: Based on the child’s likes and special needs, we customize a plan to decorate their hospital room with items they can take home with them as they continue their recovery. We create a very personal home-like environment from what was once a cold and stark space. It’s important to remember that while these children are in the hospital, for most, their fight is far from over. Everything the patient receives from Once Upon a Room is theirs to keep will go home with them.

Junior Room Crew: A group of designed to facilitate programs where kids are helping kids through various events. Teens and children have the opportunity to serve others, learn how to be philanthropists, plan and execute events for others. Learning compassion and developing a giving spirit will be an invaluable lesson throughout their lives.

The impact Once Upon a Room has on the spirits of the children, their families and the staff is immeasurable.